Student Profile

The whole education and training processes held
at IDeA Indonesia are aimed to help students finally become:


  • Visionary

IDeA students must have a clear, distinctive, and specific (in details) visions of the future arrangements. Students can’t just flow like wind. They must be able to see what does not yet exist but might some day, a glimpse into the possible future based on English as their basic capital to be international activist.

  • Passionate

Once IDeA students have visions, they keep on struggling to reach. No matter how many times they fall down, they strongly stand up and move on. Some may talk about them negatively, in the same time some will admire the way they are. Never give up for precious pick of the dream while enriching themselves with more new knowledge and guidance.

  • Open Minded

IDeA students must realize that they come from various backgrounds; different ethnics, cultures, religions, abilities, and social status. Everybody must be able to blend themselves into a unity in difference to make harmony and peaceful life. The world keeps changing. Students can’t stop with one final condition to get them stuck and believe in one thing. Receiving and adapting new ideas for never ending development.

  • Obedient

IDeA students must be vertically and horizontally obedient; God’s rules and institutes’ regulations. Students are invited to have full awareness that all processes they are required to do are to guide them into clear pathway to strengthen psychologically and intelligently. Regulations, assignments, policies and institutional behaviors are none of which to make students in trouble. Therefore, no advantages are resulted from avoiding and acting in contrast against what IDeA Indonesia requires.