Management Profile

In accordance to the realization of IDeA Visions
it’s important that all IDeA Indonesia management personnel


  • Become a Role Model

Instructors and every management personnel at IDeA Indonesia must be able to be a figure  whose behavior or success can be emulated by and are stimulating students to have better personality, life experience, academic achievement, personal development, and socio-religious obedience.

  • Be Students Oriented

It’s required that all personnel not only transfer knowledge but more important also do life coaching to help them find the best things for their future. When students come and study at IDeA Indonesia, they and their parents actually trust an ultimate supervision and right to IDeA personnel to guide the rest of students’ life to be colored and shaped.

  • Responsively Care

IDeA Indonesia personnel always care of everything happening around related to environment and students’ lives. In the same time, they actively help find the solution to drown out the problem and communicate new ideas to the management in responding new changes. All personnel genuinely enjoy the profession and are motivated by their passion. They tend to be more satisfied with their work and more psychologically healthy.

  • Have International Enhancement

IDeA is a national institute which has large international networks to enhance the next generation quality to be internationally equal. It’s a must that all IDeA personnel have international experience to inspire students actively developing themselves by having international qualifications from seminar, short course, observations, degree or any study program from overseas.